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Fall Open House Directory and Maps have been posted!

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Are you a leader of a student organization?

Texas A&M University welcomes thousands of new and returning students each Fall, many of whom will be looking for opportunities to get involved. Your organization’s best chance to reach these thousands of potential recruits is at MSC Fall Open House. Fall Open House will be held Sunday, September 4, 2016 from 1-5 PM.

The Open House Registration Process Has Changed!

Please read these instructions closely as they are different than they have been in the past. Here are the new steps:

Step 1: Visit the Box Office to purchase your Open House Table

  • Ticket Sales will open at the MSC Box Office on March 21.
  • Your organization’s eligibility status will be checked against the Student Activities Database. If you are in good standing, you will be allowed to purchase. If not, you will NOT be allowed to purchase a ticket at that time. Organizations not in good standing will need to talk with Student Activities regarding their status.  Once your organization has been approved you will be able to purchase a table.
  • At the ticket window you will  be asked if you would like an indoor or outdoor table. These tickets are first come, first served.


Step 2: Complete the Table Registration Process through MaroonLink

  • After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from the MSC Box Office that contains a link to complete the registration process through MaroonLink.
  • This form allows you to provide the detailed information we need to best place your table. Organizations  that purchase a ticket, but do not complete the registration form will have a table, but WILL NOT have any priority when given a table location (i.e. will likely not have power, or will be placed with the incorrect organization type at Open House).


Step 3: Check Back for Updates

  • Once registration closes, we will begin to assign tables. Check back at this website to find your table assignment and maps of the building.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about 2016 MSC Fall Open House please read the Event Rules first.

Any other questions about Open House or MSC Hospitality can be sent to the MSC Hospitality Staff.

Or you can call 979.845.1515 and ask to speak with an Open House representative.



Fall Open House will be held Sunday, September 4, 2016 from 1-5 PM.

Ticket Prices

Sales start on March 21 at MSC Box Office

$50 Early Bird Ticket 3/21 – 4/10/2016

$60 Regular Ticket 4/11 – 5/18/2016

$70 Late Fee Ticket 5/19 – 8/23/2016

MSC Open House Directory

Register by August 15 to guarantee that your organization is listed on the Open House Directory and Map!

Registration Ends

When we run out of tables or August 23, whichever comes first

Restricted Status

Student organizations in Pending Recognition, Recognized with Restrictions, or Not Recognized status may not participate until you upgrade your organization’s status to Recognized or Renewing Recognition.