2012 Spring Open House

Student Involvement Starts Here

Sunday, September 7th
from 1-5pm in the MSC

Are you a student seeking involvement opportunities?

If you're a student looking for ways to be part of campus life, this is where you'll want to spend the first Sunday of the Fall semester.

Visit our Participants section to find out who's going to be where at Open House. Or just come to the MSC that day and explore!

This event is FREE, so come be part of MSC Fall Open House.

Students and organizations fill the MSC Bethancourt Ballroom

Students in 12th Man Hall recruiting new members with signs and smiles

Open House volunteers hand out directories and help students find their way around the MSC

If you have any questions about 2014 MSC Open House please read the Event Rules first.

Any other questions about Open House or MSC Marketing can be sent to the Vice President of MSC Marketing.

Or you can call 979.845.1515 and ask to speak with an Open House representative.

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Table Prices
$45 Early Bird Fee
Pay by May 9, 2014

$55 Regular Fee
Pay by August 15, 2014

$65 Late Fee
Pay by September 3, 2014

MSC Open House Directory
Register and pay by August 15, 2014 to guarantee that your organization is listed on the Open House Directory and Map!

Registration Ends
When we run out of tables or Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 7pm, whichever comes first

Restricted Status
Student organizations in Recognized with Restrictions or Not Recognized status may not participate until you upgrade your organization's status to Recognized, Renewing Recognition, or Pending Recognition.

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