MSC Hospitality is excited to announce registration for MSC Fall 2017 Open House is officially open. MSC Open House allows students the chance to see the best student involvement opportunities Texas A&M has to offer. MSC Open House will take place on Sunday, September 3rd from 1-5 p.m.

Registering is simple. If you’re an MSC committee or a recognized student organization under Student Activities in good standing, please follow the updated registration process:

  1. The online registration link will be sent out through MaroonLink to the Primary Contact, Chair/ President, and Treasurer listed on Maroonlink for Recognized Student Organizations and to MSC Committees and their advisors.
  2. Complete and submit the online registration form.
  3. Once a completed form has been submitted a member of MSC Open House will send a confirmation email with an MSC Open House unique identifying number.
  4. Print your confirmation email containing your MSC Open House unique identifying number. If you are purchasing your table over the phone, you will not need to print your confirmation email.
  5. Take your printed email containing your MSC Open House unique identifying number to the MSC Box Office for table purchase.
    • The MSC Box Office accepts phone orders for table purchases. Please have your MSC Open House unique identifying number ready when you call.

Save money! Save the hassle! Pay before the last day of the semester! The deadlines are all listed below, so what are you waiting for?

$50 Early Bird Ticket
May 2016

$60 Regular Ticket
June – July 20, 2016

$70 Late Fee Ticket
July 21 – August 21, 2017

The deadline for completing the registration form is August 21, 2017 with a table purchase deadline of August 24 2017. You MUST purchase a ticket by deadline in order to participate in MSC Open House. *If you are not a recognized Student Activities organization or MSC Committee, please note priority is given to student organizations. The fee for non-student organizations or University departments will be $80 regardless of registration deadline.

Please note we may sell out of tables, the deadline listed here is only valid as long as tables remain available.



Who Can Register?

  • Student organizations whose status is Recognized or Renewing Recognition
  • MSC Student Programming Committees

Who Is Ineligible to Register?

  • Student organizations Not Recognized by the Department of Student Activities
  • Student organizations in Pending Recognition or Recognized with Restrictions status
  • Organizations promoting student employment opportunities (use Jobs for Aggies)
  • Organizations not affiliated with Texas A&M University

In Pending or Restricted Status?

You will not be able to register until you upgrade your organization’s status.

Contact Student Organization Administration and Recognition in the Student Activities office, 979-458-4371, with questions about your organization’s status.

Indoor or Outdoor table?

During the registration, there is an option to select indoor or outdoor tables. Please choose your desired location. Note: Preferences are not guaranteed. 

Organizations located outdoors are provided with a table.

Organizations may provide their own pop-up tents if their table is not directly adjacent to the building. Tents MUST be secured by sandbags, cement buckets, cinder blocks, or water barrels. It will have to be something heavier than a backpack. Tents not properly anchored will be removed.

If you have questions about outdoor table accommodations, please call 845-1515 and ask to speak with an MSC Open House representative or e-mail us.