Student Involvement at Texas A&M University Starts Here

As one MSC officer said, “Two hours at MSC Open House can change your life.” That is no exaggeration. Involvement in student organizations and campus life leads to lifelong friendships. It also leads to experience and professional networks that help to catalyze careers.

And for thousands of students every year, involvement begins right here, at MSC Open House.

Organizations can reach thousands of students at one time during MSC Open House. And new students get the chance to see the best student involvement opportunities the Division of Student Affairs and Texas A&M have to offer.

MSC Open House consists of two separate events, one in fall and one in spring. Fall Open House is the larger of the two, with over 400 organizations participating last year. Last year over 300 organizations participated in Spring Open House.

Part of Texas A&M tradition

What began back in the 1950s as a way to promote programs produced by a handful of MSC student committees has become THE student organization recruiting event of the year.

It has also become one of the largest programs on campus with over 670 organizations and approximately 15,000 students attending the two Open House events last year.

Who is responsible for the event?

MSC Open House is managed and produced by MSC Hospitality and the staff of the MSC Student Programs Office.

MSC Open House relies on volunteers from the Memorial Student Center Committees, staff advisers, and staff members from the MSC Box Office and University Center and Special Events.

And of course, MSC Open House only works because of the cooperation and participation from student organizations and groups from across the Division and the University.

Executive Staff

The Executive Staff of Open House is lead by one director and a team of event coordinators within MSC Hospitality.