Open House Tips

Getting students to stop at your table might be the most difficult task you face. The most important thing is to make sure students who might be interested know where to find you. Keep these following tips in mind as you register for Open House and plan for the event.


Register and Pay for your table by January 11, 2017 to guarantee your organization will be listed on the Open House Directory for the event on January 22.

Organization Type

Choose your Organization Type carefully.

Your organization will be located with other organizations in the Organization Type category you choose when registering. Your organization listing in the Directory will also depend on your Organization Type category. Students shopping for organizations will use these categories to identify what areas of Open House they want to visit.



Spread the word

Publicize your location via Facebook and Twitter and on your organization’s web site.

Direct people to the Open House web site where they can find the Directory and Map.

Tell your friends to tell their friends to visit you at Open House.

What Makes You So Special?

Your organization is one of over 1,000 at Texas A&M. So what makes your organization special? What about your organization is most likely to attract the interest of students? Is it your organization’s focus? Does your name say it all?

Whatever it is that will appeal to potential members, make sure that piece makes it into your table display, your table spiel, and your handouts.

Get Contact Info

Get emails from people who visit your table so you can contact them directly about informationals, organization meetings, and even events later on during the year. And if your organization uses social media, encourage visitors to follow or like you. It opens another channel of communication for your group. Make sure social media and web URLs are on your handouts.